About Archangel II

Today’s technology gives law enforcement amazing new tools to fight crime and protect public safety. But all progress comes with a price. The number and variety of devices in the modern police car help officers do their job more effectively, but can also distract them from the critical task of driving quickly and safely to respond to a call.

All over the country, campaigns are underway to combat texting and driving by the public to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by distracted driving. Yet even though the array of electronic equipment in a police car is far more sophisticated, little attention has been given to accidents caused by officers momentarily distracted while working on the keyboard or touch screen of their computer.

The number of distracted driving accidents involving law enforcement officers has risen sharply in the past two years, and several jurisdictions are facing or have settled expensive lawsuits brought by members of the public injured in accidents caused by distracted law enforcement officers.

Archangel II is a unique new product that can help protect officers and reduce the likelihood of accidents and expensive lawsuits. The program disables the keyboard and touch screen feature of an in-car computer without shutting the computer down completely. Officers can still see vital information on the screen as they respond to a call.

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